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COVID 19 Crisis Communication and Management (Online Training)

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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world from business as usual to what is now being called the "New Normal". The velocity with which the corona virus spread and its impact has been severe and has caught most governments, businesses and communities by surprise. Not only is it a developing story, it is also a story in which fake news have done harm, and resources put under severe stress. 

In today’s always-on “real-time” news world companies have little time to avert or respond to a crisis such as COVID - 19. Crises come in many shapes and sizes and unfortunately they do not wait for pandemics to finish.

Stakeholders expect companies to be ready to deal with the hand of fate and to act responsibly. In fact, surveys around the Globe shows that stakeholders expect companies to contribute and that how they respond to the massive challenges will either create or break reputations for decades to come.

How speedily a company reacts and communicates and demonstrates the duty of care during this COVID -19 and other crises, improves perceptions and speeds recovery. 

The key to this is to have in place a real-time crisis capability such as a crisis management and communication plan, trained personnel, and the know-how to hopefully avoid, plan for and act when a crisis arises.

Many companies found themselves trying to deal with the fallout of the pandemic whilst trying to plan and act at the same time, creating unnecessary stress and problems

Course Outcomes:
  • The Latest know-how on the COVID-19 crisis and how it is unfolding, and the lessons learnt to date
  • Understand the different types of crisis and what will be regarded as adequate response by stakeholders
  • How to protect the organisation’s hard-earned reputation
  • How to develop an integrated COVID-19 crisis Management for the Business, one that incorporates best practices
  • Develop and train a crisis team with members that will understand their roles and responsibilities
  • How to communicate before, during and after a crisis


Jul 20, 2020 - Jul 23, 2020
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu
No. of Days: 4
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