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The Language Excursions are out-of-classroom communication classes, where your teacher becomes your language guide. This promotes, encourages and links the practice of English through social, historical and cultural excursions. It takes place three afternoons a week and can only be combined with a Standard General English or IELTS course (20 lessons) in the morning. The Language Excursions are flexible and co-ordinate with actual events in Cape Town, whenever possible and/or desirable. These excursions give you the unique opportunity of improving your English while meeting and encountering the people, the energy and the diversity of Cape Town.

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The UCT English Language Centre (ELC) is located within the vibrant Faculty of Humanities at the University of Cape Town – the premiere university in Africa. We offer a range of English courses, as well as accredited teacher training courses. All our English teachers are highly qualified in the field of EFL and have many years of experience.

Located on UCT’s Hiddingh campus in the city bowl, we are in the heart of the city – a short walk from Cape Town’s vibrant cultural and historic centre, with easy access to the beaches and local attractions.

As a UCT student, you will be able to participate in university life and culture and to take part in social activities, sports clubs and other societies. You will also be able to join a fun and diverse weekly social programme at ELC where you can meet other students from around the world and explore Cape Town together!


Why Choose Us?


*             UCT is consistently ranked as the premier university in Africa.

*             We are one of the only South African universities with a centre dedicated to teaching English as a Foreign Language. ...

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