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Facilities Management: Modern Warehousing and Inventory Management (Online Training)

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Organizations, regardless of industry sector, know the rising costs of occupying buildings and providing support services to maintain and improve business operations. Facility Managers/Supervisors, Work and Asset Managers are all key contributors to improved quality, risk-reduction, and overall profitability of an organization.

This competency based course will take you through the fundamentals of Facilities Management, developing and enhancing skills, knowledge and attitudes in Supply Chain and Facility Management which will lead to effective and efficient operation of built assets and the organizational activities that function within them.

Course Outcomes:
  • Planning operations of work areas within a facility
  • Managing the operations of the facility under your responsibility
  • Being able to procure good & services
  • Assisting in the administration & finalisation of contracts
  • Maintaining sections of a facility under your responsibility according to operational requirements
  • Monitoring & maintaining costs and records
  • Compiling a risk and risk mitigation plan for the required facility
  • Understanding the growing concern of environmental issues relating to managing facilities
  • Understanding the Importance of SCM as an Enabler of Effective Service Delivery
  • The Principles of Modern Warehouse Operations
  • Discussing Warehouse Space, Design and Management
  • Managing the Inventory Control Function
  • Applying Inventory, Analysis, and Product Classification


Jun 29, 2020 - Jul 03, 2020
No. of Days: 5
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