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Move beyond the basic concepts of setting up PowerPoint slideshows and using the drawing tools, and learn to use the advanced features which will make your presentations a cut above the rest!
Create professional presentations by manipulating, editing, grouping and formatting drawings, and then saving them as pictures in other programs for future use.

Covert bulleted lists to Smart Art graphics, include reader friendly company hierarchies and charts into your presentation.
Create Photo Albums of company events, and re-use those slides in later presentations. Include personally edited video and audio clips, and use the animation painter to replicate customised animation techniques.

Add sections to easily manage the input of numerous contributors, as well create a hyperlinked table of contents to navigate easily through the presentation whilst presenting.

Learn about what the Master controls, and how to manipulate information inside it. Finalise and review presentations and examine different methods of saving or sending them out.

Explore the options of printed speaker notes or using the presenter view, as well as exporting audience handouts to Word to fit your requirements. Learn some helpful presentation shortcuts, and enjoy sharing your work with fellow presenters and gain valuable feedback.

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"You have no option" said a very favourite (and you'll soon see why) client to her boss - "our staff need computer and business skills training and the only place to go is options in training. I have been dealing with them since 1990 and always had great service, incredible feedback - and where else can you go that always gives speedy support, even if we haven't been in touch for a while?" Thank you Jenny!

Your training - whether it be on the latest Microsoft Office applications or staff/management development - is tailored and scheduled to your needs. Optimum class maximum is ten (although we are, as always, flexible to your needs) - minimum one, prices realistic (and that makes a change doesn't it?), breaks taken in our lovely garden with the best freshly-baked muffins and scones in town. Talk to us about how we can increase staff productivity in an inter-active, professional yet relaxed environment.

options in training
160 Corlett Drive, Bramley, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa 2090
011 887 8885
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