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Meat cutting technicians are responsible for the cutting of carcasses into smaller cuts, the trimming of meat cuts as well as the cost effective use of the trimmings and the attractive presentation of meat cuts. In our course you will not only learn how to cut a carcass into primal cuts but we will train you to make products such as Dry wors, Biltong, Meat rolls and Boerewors. As a Meat cutting technician you will need a thorough knowledge of meat, packaging and freezing methods.

What kind of a personality do I need? Because you will be working with dangerous equipment and tools you will need good eye & hand co-ordination. You must also be a cautious and accurate worker. Personal hygiene is of utmost importance as Meat cutting technicians not only work with food but with customers too.

Where can I work with this qualification:
Employment possibilities exist at small enterprise butcheries, large firms such as Makro, large supermarkets, canning factories, cold storage and any organization where food is processed in bulk such as hospitals, restaurants and hotels. You can also start your own butchery or Biltong shop or prepare and cut Game meat for hunters.
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We train you in Safety, Hygiene, Problem solving, Fresh meat breaking and cutting, De-boning, Curing, Salting and drying, Mincing and filling and legislation. We have an accredited training facility with registered Assessors and Moderators to equip you with knowledge for the meat industry. The following list highlights the various criteria which you would be trained in: 
Personal safety in a food or sensitive consumer product environment. 
Apply personal safe working practices regarding the work area and equipment. 
Deal with safety emergencies. 
Safely handle and store raw materials or final products or chemicals in a food or sensitive consumer product environment. 
Curing process for fish or meat products. 
Prepare for curing of fish or meat products. 
Cure fish or meat products. 
Perform relevant procedures after fish or meat curing. 
Mincing fish or meat. 
Prepare for mincing fish or meat. 
Mince fish or meat. 
Perform relevant procedures after mincing. 
Salting and drying of fish or meat. 
Prepare to salt and dry fish or meat. 
Salt and dry fish or meat.  ...
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