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The course aims at providing policymakers and development practitioners with the required skills and knowledge that are needed to identify and address gender biases in the economic sectors and to analyze economic policies and budgets from a gender perspective. Participants will examine various economic theories, empirical research, and policy interventions aimed at addressing gender disparities in income, employment, education, and access to resources.


No. of Days: 5
Total Hours: 45
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Southern Africa development Institute (SADI) is a renowned training provider that specialises in the provision of accredited skilled and introductory training throughout the continent of Africa, with our core focus being sub-Saharan Africa. 

The company was established initially to satisfy the industry wide demand for high quality business management and continued professional development in capacity building in Africa. We have grown to meet specific client demands, both locally and internationally. Since our inception we have flourished to meet our client’s individual requirements through our comprehensive and expert services.

SADI provides extensive and highly focused in-service training. In-service training is the process of staff development. The training is designed to motivate and improve the performance levels of an obligatory holding position with specific duties.

 With this in mind, our professional development team implement practical and logical approaches in the formulation of our programs. Our personalised programs are learner orientated, time bound and problem-centered. The activities that transpire are proven to develop motivation, broaden perception, increase the thirst for knowledge and assist in the mastery of techniques within the workplace. ...

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