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The Biebie Productions Elocution & Accent Reduction Course caters to your unique communication needs. Your voice is your tool and you will be taught how to project yourself in a more confident manner, speaking with precision, charm, self-control and influence. Biebie changes lives whilst training winners!


  • Greater confidence, clarity and influence when speaking in public,  business and social situations
  • Better Communication and engagement with people at conferences, meetings, Retail (sales) and or on the telephone
  • Assist in scholars learning the TEFL course
  • Greater awareness of HOW to use the voice effectively (vocal presence)
  • Professionalize the way you speak
  • Improved results when you need to get your ideas across
  • Elocution Techniques to control and project your voice
  • A reduction of any specific features of voice including a regional or national accent
  • Clear speech and diction (pronunciation) in a neutral accent helping you reach your potential and goals.


No. of Days: 11
Total Hours: 11
No. of Participants: 1
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Biebie Productions chnages lives one course at a time...

Biebie Productions specialization lies in offering YOU high quality, custom designed training courses to meet all your communication needs under the umbrella of Speech, Personal Development, Corporate Workshops, Singing and Acting.


We work with clients from all industry levels within the corporate and private sector, thus providing the flexibility for training to be done in-house, in groups and/or on a one-to-one basis.


Biebie Productions facilitator: Barbara Barbieri, is passionate, highly skilled and experienced to help you achieve your goals. We pride ourselves in using innovative, effective practical methods and techniques that will change your life forever.We strive to deliver an unparalleled level of excellence in the industry by continuously refining our processes and procedures.

Biebie Productions trains winners!


Talking and eloquence are not the same: to speak; and to speak well are two things. There is all the difference when having something to say and HOW to say something the right way.” The various courses devised (below) help you focus on: becoming a confident communicator; developing your ...

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